Monday, 22 September 2014

Food TIME!

I wasn't sure that I would be able to tell if Reuben was ready for food, I thought the signs might be subtle... but whoa mumma, the gorgeous little thing started chewing everything, and followed everything you put in your mouth with his (hungry) eyes. Funny how they can communicate without saying a thing. So we took his lead and gave him a little hand size piece of apple to suck on and he looooooooved it.

So this was the week we started pureed foods, 1 tablespoon of apple and he scoffed it. I haven't been too regimented about when I feed him, the aim for me now is introducing tastes and giving him more foods that he can hold himself. 

We are also giving him sips of water from his shot glasses to get him used to drinking from a cup. 

And continues to put everything into his mouth, but that's because he has some sharp little teeth coming up. Reuben (and I!) can recommend Mama & Little they're cute and functional, which is a tick in my book.


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